How Blockchain Is Changing the Way Companies Fundraise

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Blockchain is a decentralized register relying for its function on advanced cryptography. Owing to it, blockchain is resistant to attack and malfunctions. Blockchain allows one to securely transmit any digital assets over any distance. This decentralized register guarantees streamlined simplicity of procedures and many other advantages over traditional systems.

The network of blocks and tools such as smart contracts allow investors the possibility to automate many arduous processes. This technology brings us closer to real-time transactions with financial institutions. Decentralized bookkeeping, meanwhile, substantially lowers operating costs.

The revolutionary technology that is blockchain offers a multitude of quick, cheap and transnational applications. Companies which have already utilized blockchain can now access a much greater number of potential investors with all transactions existing within a transnational online framework.

Saving Money with Crypto-economics

When considering the network of blocks, what comes to mind are acronyms such as ICO, STO and IEO. Every model of saving money that relies on crypto-economics is much different from traditional financial services. Thanks to the tokenization of shares and bonds as well as other alternative securities, blockchain gains a considerable advantage over the standard financial market structures.

Initial Coin Offering is a means of blockchain-based fundraising for new or developing projects. As part of these fundraisers, project organizers issue tokens which can then serve as the project’s internal currency. Those tokens can then be accepted as investment along with other cryptocurrencies. This method uses decentralization which makes all processes faster, simpler and more transparent.

Security Token Offering (STO) was devised to protect investors and provide a boost to honest projects. STO is still powered by token sales but these tokens have the trappings of securities as opposed to simply allowing one access to a company’s services. It is mandated by EU law that tokens be emitted based on relevant legislation in any given member state.

Another alternative which also involves the issuance and sale of tokens to fundraise for a project is IEO. Initial Exchange Offering necessitates that the project team meets specific exchange requirements or else their tokens won’t be authorized for sale. This method also only allows verified cryptocurrency exchange users to purchase tokens. An inherent feature of IEO is the thoroughness with which potential projects are scrutinized before being allowed to emit tokens.

Any investor can use the decentralized system to their own ends. The blockchain technology and the crypto-economic models of investment can help take any business to the next level. It is important to point out here that it takes knowledge and experience to reliably and quickly implement such systems within a business (think OAAM experts).

Business management streamlines the processes behind business model management. It also makes much easier for business owners to interact with their products resulting in easier distribution and satisfaction for all involved. As the blockchain technology continues to be developed and adapted more and more broadly, tokenization’s potential is growing in tandem. A well put-together marketing plan and strategy will serve to help tokenize all manners of assets — all the while limiting cost.

Managing a Project

Every project needs competent management. Owing to connections in the industry and its many years’ experience OAAM is coming up with a comprehensive plan involving the issuance of tokens, a website and a whitepaper. All this rigorously optimized thanks to said connections and experience. No less important than the aforementioned are press releases and influencer marketing. This involves the creation of a community and monitoring it 24/7 as well as maintaining a social media presence — the 21st century has its own unique prerequisites for success.

OAAM works with the world’s top experts and advisors from every corner of the globe. Owing to this diversified and comprehensive consulting acumen, any entrepreneur can join the ranks of the blockchain-pioneering elite today.

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