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Q: What has been the progress for Plutus in the past few months?

Robert: We have started work on building Plutus through a fork of the bitcoin blockchain. It has been very exciting for the team to see the product come to life.

The first 1000 blocks started with a proof-of-work consensus mechanism and now, it is on a proof of stake mechanism.

Q: How is the proof of stake mechanism a progressive step towards complete decentralisation?

Robert: With proof of stake, whoever holds the most balance is most likely to create the next block.

The beauty of this is that we are truly creating a decentralised banking platform that no central governing body to make any decisions. This prevents corruptionst. All transactions can be seen on It’s a fully open platform that will be the hallmark of how the finance industry should carry out transactions in the future so you know your assets are being protected.

Q: With decentralisation as the end goal, how can staking be most efficiently done to incentivise the community?

Robert: The minimum stake is set at 1000 Plutus coins and investors are welcomed to stake as much as they want. Whoever owns the most balance is most likely to create the next block, i.e. your stake is directly proportionate to the likelihood to build the next block. Using a UTX model, unspent transactions are used to represent the individual balances.

Q: With a large number of assets to be placed on this platform, how is security ensured?

Robert: The second tier of network, the master nodes, oversee the privacy features. There are currently two master nodes deployed on Alibaba cloud virtual machines. We all know Alibaba Cloud provides industry-leading end-to-end enterprise security services to ensure application security, data security, and platform security.

Q: Why do you think blockchain is the answer to the future of the finance industry?

Robert: It’s straightforward — the answer lies in decentralisation. Traditional players in the industries have long benefited from our assets and controlled how much we can earn. With what we have built, anyone can start their own node through the main network and start producing blocks. From the master node, anyone can download the binary.

Q: What does decentralisation mean for the way Plutus operates?

We are a collective, rather than a hired team, of developers that started this work because we believe in the vision of Plutus Capital. We want to free up existing financial slavery created by the current institutions to give you true financial freedom. Every one of us started working on the blockchain to get rewards in the form of tokens.

Q. How will your role in Plutus change, now that the product is live?

I’ve kickstarted the project with the vision in mind and my role now is to guide the growth of the chain. Plutus is 100% decentralised and there is no governing entity. Our progress is contributed by the community and this will give access to billions of underprivileged the ability to grow their assets through the blockchain.

I will continue to champion for the commercial adoption of the Plutus chain and the masternodes will now be responsible for the security layer of our platform. Plutus will be a product of free market forces from here on.

About Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital is backed by a decentralised financial system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can become a bank and enforce greater control of his own funds. This system relies on tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure.

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问: 过去几个普利拓斯有什么进展?



问: 股权证明机制如何逐步走向完全分权?

Robert: 有了股权证明,谁掌握了最大的平衡,谁就最有可能创造下一个区块。


问: 以分权式为最终目标,如何才能最有效地通过质押来激励社区?

Robert: 最低质押额定为1000P币。投资者可以无约束地质押任何金额。谁拥有最多的余额,谁就最有可能创建下一个区块,也就是说,你的股份与建造下一个区块的可能性成正比。使用UTX模型,未花费的交易将用来代表个人的余额。

问: 怎么确保平台上大量资产的安全?

Robert: 第二层网络,也就是主节点,负责监视隐私特性。目前阿里云虚拟机上部署了两个主节点。我们都知道,阿里云提供业界领先的端到端企业安全服务,确保应用、数据和平台的安全。

问: 为什么你认为区块链是金融业未来发展的答案?

Robert: 很简单,答案在于分权。行业中的传统参与者长期以来受益于我们的资产,并控制着我们所能赚取的金额。有了我们构建的平台,任何人都可以通过主网络启动自己的节点并开始生成区块。通过主节点,任何人都可以下载二进制文件。


Robert: 我已经启动了这个项目,并考虑到愿景,我现在的角色是引导链的增长。普利拓斯是100%分权的,没有管理实体。我们的进步是由社区贡献的,这将使数十亿弱势群体获得通过区块链增长资产的能力。