A Special Message from Robert Wojciechowski, Robert Wojciechowski的特别致词

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Plutus Capital continues with its project in confidence, in spite of Covid-19 situation. 尽管在新型冠状病毒的危机中,普利拓斯带着信心继续推动项目。

In response to the current Covid-19 situation, Robert Wojciechowskiert of Plutus Capital, recorded a special message from his home on 18 March, 2020.

In it, he addressed the cancellation of a few roadshows, developer meet-ups, and face-to-face meets, due to current global travel restrictions. He also advises everyone to take the necessary protective measures while working, keep their health good, and to take care during this period.

Despite the Covid-19 situation, Robert highlights that it will not slow down or hamper the development of the Plutus project: “While the three key areas of our Asian markets — China, Japan, and Korea — are dealing with the virus, I’m incredibly thankful that the passion of our collaborators has never wavered.”

He elaborates on this, “Nobody is an employee (of Plutus Capital) in the traditional sense — we’re all made up of experts in their fields, from developers to PR and customer service. We are working on the project because we believe in its vision and the value of Plutus coins.”

Even as you read this, Plutus Capital remains on the ball and we are on track for the development of the Plutus Chain. We are standing together with our global team of engineers, developers, trainers, marketing, and customer service representatives who may have been affected by the situation.

Robert encourages everyone to continue working together, and leaves an encouragement for all: “Thank you for your huge support & we will work towards changing the future, together.”

About Plutus Capital

Plutus Capital is backed by a decentralised financial system built on a public blockchain, where an individual can become a bank and enforce greater control of his own funds. This system relies on tamper-proof nature of ledger as well as smart contract and validation to ensure all processes are safe and secure.

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针对目前的新型冠状病毒情况,普利拓斯的Robert Wojciechowskiert于2020年3月18日在家中录制了一则特别的信息。